Special Thanks


Special Thanks

It all started when we decided to tell our family about our news to get married. Christina called her sisters and
parents and told them our happy news. I, however, only called one sister and by the time I finally got through to
another sister they all heard the news. I was getting texts and phone calls congratulating us before we even had the
chance to tell them. I guess that is what happens when you have nine sisters and three bothers!

We called Valerie that night and asked if she would help us plan the wedding. Little did we know when we asked,
“Can you help us” it would turn into us just sitting back and smiling over all the emails, and pictures
of everything Valerie was putting together. Days went by then weeks and all we would do is look at pictures, programs
she created and we even skyped with our mother and Valerie as they both showed us the flowers she made and all the little
things Valerie had put together for our special day.

The last four months flew by so fast and we still don’t know how she put this all together in time. Our Priest,
Father Reeson, told us how impressed he was with how organized the wedding was. She made a wedding ceremony booklet up
and even a wedding mass booklet with the readings we picked out. Our wedding was something we never imagined would be
possible and thanks to Valerie our wedding day was better than we ever thought it could be.

We just want to thank you Valerie for all the hard work you put into our special day and all the hard work that went along
with it. Thank you mom for making the flowers, Christina said they were so beautiful. Thank you to all our sisters that stayed
up late at night with Valerie and Mom preparing for our special day. Without all of you none of this would ever have been possible.

We also want to say Thank You to all the girls, aka photographers, in the family. Without your pictures this website would not even
be possible. I never though getting pictures from four different angles would do anything, but you all caught our happiness that we
didn't even know we had.

To our parents, we would not be here today if it wasn't for you! You have taught us the meaning of how to love someone, respect
them, and cherish them. You are the best parents in the world, we both thank you for that.

Family is the most important thing in the world to both of us, to have everyone part of this day meant more to us than you all will
ever know. Even though the wedding is now over we will always continue to talk and Skype each other because that is what family does.